Official Groundbreaking Ceremony

Friday, May 21, Faith Bible Church leadership gathered with city and state officials to celebrate the official groundbreaking of the church's construction project.

Official Groundbreaking Ceremony

Today at 10:30am, in celebration of the start of construction, Faith Bible Church invited city and state officials, along with church members who live in Wildomar to attend the official ground-breaking ceremony.

Chris and John opened the ceremony thanking the many people who've been involved in getting us to this point.  Of particular help to the church has been FM Civil, Visioneering Studios, Pacific Construction Group, and Elite Earthworks.  (For those who have been following since the beginning, you know that this is not the original group that was assembled together.  Our project really got wings after we assembled this new team!)  Each company's expertise and advice has been invaluable to the project overall and a real help in getting us to today.

Robert Dodson shared a brief history of the church, thanking the Lord for how He led us to this place when we long expected to forever be renting.  Our church has grown, both spiritually and numerically, over the years and we are all eager to be in our own space.

Assemblymember Kelly Seyarto, representing the Sixty-Seventh District of California

From the state, Assemblyman Kelly Seyarto was kind enough to appear and celebrate with us.  He shared recollections of life in the valley when FBC was established back in 2003 and enthusiasm for the positive impact that churches have on communities.  He concluded by presenting FBC with a certificate of honor for the groundbreaking ceremony.

Wildomar Mayor Dustin Nigg followed the legislator and spoke of his hope that churches like Faith Bible Church would provide a solid foundation to the continued growth of our valley.  The Mayor has been an encouragement to us over the last couple years as we worked through various city and council meetings, so it was a joy to have him join us today.

Mayor Dustin Nigg, representing the City of Wildomar

After remarks by state and city officials, Chris Mueller spoke of how Jesus Christ is at the center of all we do as a church.  Our ambition in building is not the building itself, but to have a place from which to launch further gospel ministry towards our valley and the world around us.  Everything we do is because of what Jesus has done for us.

The ceremonial ground-breaking then commenced...

Nigel Shailer concluded the ceremonies with prayer, thanking the Lord for His kindness in bringing us to this point, and asking for His blessing and favor on the days ahead.